12 Simple, Fast And Effective Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

If you’ve been considering getting into Bitcoin then you’re in the right place. There are several ways to make your first bit of Bitcoin and depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in, there can be great earning potential. The value of Bitcoin is constantly changing but as it currently stands, 1 Bitcoin is approaching $10,000 (Feb 2020) but like stocks the exact value is constantly changing. For someone who doesn’t know much about cryptocurrency, or more specifically Bitcoin, it can be quite intimidating but luckily there are several ways to jump on the Bitcoin wagon and start earning fairly quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme and you are not going to magically get rich either. Yes, you can earn a decent amount of money but like anything else in life, it involves putting in some time and some effort. Today we are going to provide you with 12 simple ways to make Bitcoin for free, with some of these methods harder than others and may involve considerable risk. If you’re serious and ready to start learning and earning then keep reading because this is information you won’t want to miss.

1) What Are Bitcoin Micro-Earnings?

I really wanted to call this post ‘How to Get Free Bitcoin – Earn Thousands Within Minutes’ but I didn’t want to click bait you! Yes, you can earn thousands within minutes. Thousands of Satoshi!

If you’re looking to jump right into the action with a completely risk-free method that involves little effort other than your time then Bitcoin Micro-Earning could be an option for you. Bitcoin Micro-Earning, also known as Bitcoin Micro-Tasks are simple tasks online you can complete in return for a small amount of Bitcoin. Some of these sites will pay you in Satoshi (factions of Bitcoin) which is one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin (BTC). These tasks are usually something like visiting a specific website, completing a survey, viewing an ad or even watching a video.

You are not going to earn much with Bitcoin Micro-Earning (hence why it’s called MICRO-Earning) but it does have its benefits. If you have never dealt with Bitcoin before then this is a simple way to start off earning but remember the payout is very small so don’t expect much. Your being rewarded for very simple and quick tasks so it can take some time before you accumulate a decent amount. Some Faucets will pay directly to your wallet while others you will need to wait for your earnings to stack up before reaching the payout threshold.


A little extra knowledge for you: 

1000 satoshi is equal to 0.00001 Bitcoin (BTC)

10,000 is equal to 0.0001 Bitcoin (BTC)

10,000,000 satoshi is equal to 0.1000 Bitcoin (BTC)

100,000,000 satoshi is equal to 1.000 Bitcoin (BTC) 


Two popular Micro-Earning sites you can start earning with right now are:


Coinworker is probably the best place to get started and my personal favorite. This popular micro-earning site is also one of the oldest. Users simply sign up, register with their Bitcoin wallet address, and then start completing short analytical tasks that convert into points. These points eventually convert into Bitcoin once you’ve reached the payout threshold. Although not the fasting paying micro-earning site out there, Coinworker is still great because of the constant amount of available tasks and because of how quickly you are paid. Once you have reached the payout threshold, your funds are typically available within one day.

To start earning free satoshi visit https://coinworker.com/


BitcoinGet is another great micro-earning site where you simply enter your Bitcoin wallet address and start earning. The best thing about BitcoinGet is that you are paid within hours of completing each task. There is no threshold to reach, therefore just finish your task and wait a few hours to receive your payment in your digital wallet. Many tasks are also mobile friendly so you can earn Bitcoin almost from anywhere.

To start earning free satoshi visit https://www.bitcoinget.com/

2) What Is A Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin Faucets are constantly popping up all over the web and are another go-to method for beginners but what exactly is a Bitcoin Faucet? Simply put, a Bitcoin faucet is a website or app that pays you Bitcoin for solving a CAPTCHA, puzzle or task. Typically, you are paid a small amount of Satoshi after solving the task. Bitcoin faucets only require that you have a Bitcoin wallet and solve the riddle correctly. You can then return in a set amount of time to complete another task normally within 5 minutes but sometimes as long as an hour.

Faucets luckily offer no risk but they do take up a large amount of time for very little return, similar to Micro-earning in that sense but beneficial for the same reasons as well. If you’re a beginner looking to get some Bitcoin without having to invest your own money, then simply invest your time in faucets. Remember though, the payout is very low unless you’re the faucet owner.

If you are computer savvy but new to Bitcoin, a more profitable way to earn through a Bitcoin faucet may be for you to own one. Simply create a WordPress site, install a Bitcoin Faucet Plug-in and put paid ads on your site. This method does involve more upfront work but it can bring in a decent income. It should be mentioned that there is some risk involved here as you will need to pay for your site hosting, domain name and then you’ll also need to advertise & promote your site to start bringing in the traffic. 

Two Bitcoin Faucet sites to consider using are:


MoonBitcoin has some great features including the first of which is the ability to collect every 5 minutes. Some alternate sites require you to wait at least 10 minutes or more, sometimes even an hour. The other great thing about MoonBitcoin is that you don’t have to redeem every 5 minutes, so you can let the faucet gradually fill and collect a higher amount by waiting longer. You can choose to collect every 5 minutes, 10 minutes to every 24 hours and everything in-between. Knowing that you are earning more and don’t have to sit at a computer screen to collect every 5 minute makes this the better Faucet in my opinion. 

To start earning free satoshi visit https://moonbit.co.in/


BitcoinAliens has been around since the beginning of Bitcoin. These apps allow you to collect from the faucet quickly and easily from your phone. There are a few apps to pick from, and they are Android and Apple compatible. Another way to earn Bitcoin easily, anywhere. Can’t go wrong with free btc. 

To start earning free satoshi visit http://www.bitcoinaliens.com/

3) What Is A Bitcoin Signature Campaign?

Bitcoin Signature Campaigns are basically paid posts. This began on the forum BitcoinTalk and is fairly easy to do but does involve quite a bit of time. Users who already have a profile will have the best earning potential but newbies can create a profile for free and begin earning very small amounts while they level up and continue to learn more about Bitcoin. With Bitcoin Signature Campaigns you would select a product from a list of campaigns available on the forum and once you’ve made your choice you then advertise the product by adding it to your profile and begin posting. The more you post the higher your earning potential. It should be noted though that different campaigns will have different requirements such as length, word count and more. Once you’re officially a ‘full member’ you can expect to earn at least $5 per hour (give or take). 

Below is the link for BitcoinTalk where you can find a list of campaigns.

BitcoinTalk – https://bitcointalk.org/

4) What Is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin Trading is the equivalent to traditional stocks & shares trading with real money but instead, you are trading Bitcoin. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make good money with Bitcoin but it is also a very high-risk option.

Just like with stocks, you buy Bitcoin when the price is low and sell your Bitcoin when the price goes up. Trading can be extremely profitable but does involve the same risk as any form of trading. To succeed with this method, it helps to educate yourself. Knowing what influences the prices to go up and down can help you predict whether you’re going to want to sell or buy. Professional traders know to expect some loss but take each loss as another opportunity to educate themselves further.

To begin trading Bitcoin you will first need to register with a trusted Bitcoin exchange site, verify your identity and then make your first deposit/investment. Below are 2 examples of sites you can register on to begin trading. Trading platforms are fairly similar so in the end it’s about which you find offers more ease. 


For more details and register for an account visit https://cex.io/


For more details and register for an account visit https://www.etoro.com/

5) What Is A Bitcoin Affiliate Program?

Affiliates are people who promote a service or product for no upfront cost but in return will receive a base commission by referring a paying customer. When you begin working as a Bitcoin Affiliate you will first have to find a program to sign up for. This is very easy to do and many Bitcoin exchanges and websites offer an affiliate program of some sort. Once you’ve signed up, you will be given a special link. This link works as your identifier. You simply share the link with family and friends, post on your Facebook page, blog or other forum and wait for people to interact and sign up, then watch the funds begin to roll in. 

To begin working as a Bitcoin Affiliate you can sign up with either or both of the sites listed below. You can also do your own research as there are several other options.


Coinbase has a great referral program. For 3 months after you make the referral, you will receive 50% of the trading fees earned by your referrals. This is likely one of the best options because it is extremely popular and ever growing. 

For more details and to register for the affiliate program visit https://www.coinbase.com/


Paxful is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace for buying and selling. For up to 1 year after you make the referral you will receive 50% of all commissions paid including 10% from your referrals, referral. Paxful is not as popular as Coinbase but still promising.

For more details and to register for the affiliate program visit https://paxful.com/

6) What Is Bitcoin Gambling?

Pretty self explanatory, Bitcoin Gambling is Gambling using Bitcoin. There are several Bitcoin Casinos online right now and they are a low effort way of making Bitcoin. That being said, this is an EXTREMELY high-risk strategy and you’re more likely to lose with this method than to gain. If you’re feeling lucky, it’s your money, then feel free to give it a shot. Just be sure that the casino you choose to use is provably fair because there are several scam sites out there but if you do your research you can find some that are legit.

I’ve listed 2 below. 


This is the OG of Bitcoin Casinos. One of the first to offer Bitcoin Gambling with anonymous registration. They offer 24/7 live tables and support as well as a Bitcoin bonus on sign up (this amount changes and is sometimes only in the form of free spins).

For more details and to register for a gambling account visit https://bitcasino.io/


This online casino offers a great sign up Bitcoin bonus and a huge variety of gaming options. It can also be linked directly to your online banking for making simple deposits. 

For more details and to register for a gambling account visit https://bitomania.com/

7) What Is Crypto-Blogging?

Crypto-Blogging is basically writing about Bitcoin. Ever since the rise of Bitcoin, it has been a very popular internet search and if you know your stuff then writing about Bitcoin can bring you a decent income. Crypto-Journalism is a very real thing, people want knowledge and there are not many good, clear writers putting it out. You can consider starting your own blog which obviously will involve more effort but can be more profitable if successful (it’s also riskier!) or consider writing for others. Freelance marketplaces are always looking for knowledgeable writers. There are also new sites popping up that will pay you in Bitcoin directly for your posts.

Below are 2 sites you can use to start finding Bitcoin Blogging opportunities. 


This new site is a great site to consider if you are looking into starting out Crypto Blogging. 

This site offers rewards in Bitcoin Cash, an altcoin and alternate cryptocurrency that is a direct fork (clone) of Bitcoin.

Here you can write interesting and intriguing articles and get rewarded in Bitcoin when readers upvote your content. You will only need to register using your Bitcoin wallet address.

For more details and to register for your crypto blogging account visit https://read.cash/

Publish 0X

Another site to earn crypto by publishing original content. Publish0X (yes, they have a zero in their domain) has been around longer and is a great platform for earning especially if you are planning to write specifically about crypto or politics. The earning potential isn’t quite as large as with the first example but this offers a set base amount that you will be guaranteed.

For more details and to register for your crypto blogging account visit https://www.publish0x.com/

8) What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining

Bitcoin Mining can bring in BIG money and is by far one of the best options if you are looking into gaining the largest amount possible. Unfortunately, it will require you to purchase some special equipment to get started. Mining Bitcoin today is very complex, you will need some expensive mining equipment and must have in depth knowledge of mining & hardware configuration. You will also have to be prepared for some very high electricity bills because mining uses a lot of power (hence all the special equipment needed). The hardware you purchase will automatically perform a set of mathematical tasks which converts into newly generated fractions (Satoshis) of Bitcoin. The more you mine, the harder it gets as it will require more power for each subsequent Bitcoin. 

9) What Is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin Cloud Mining is the simplest way you can mine Bitcoin without needing all the specialized equipment. You would simply pick a mining contract through a designated company and then pay that company a fee to mine on your behalf. Normally the contacts are set for a specific amount of time or until a specific amount of Bitcoin has been mined. The Bitcoin will appear in your Bitcoin wallet as per your agreement.

Below are 2 of the most popular mining companies.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the most popular cloud mining companies online today. They offer different packages with different features. Most contracts run for 6 months and many have zero maintenance fees. Therefore, you pay for your initial package and that’s it! Not having maintenance fees makes this the better option overall.

For more information and to register for a cloud mining contract visit https://www.genesis-mining.com/


This is another mining company similar to Genesis. The contracts offered through HashFlare are 1 year in duration and but these contracts do come with a small maintenance fee.

For more information and to register for a cloud mining contract visit https://hashflare.io

10) What Is Bitcoin Lending?

Bitcoin Lending is very similar to peer-to-peer lending in which you lend out money and collect interest on return. To start doing this method, you will need to either have some Bitcoin already or you’ll need to purchase some. Once you’ve got your Bitcoin, you then will sign up for a lending platform such as ‘BitBond’. The lending platform will connect you with people looking for a Bitcoin loan. As your money is repaid you will also collect an amount of interest. Bitcoin Lending typically has a higher interest rate than lending out regular currency but it has the same, if not more risk involved as there is always the potential that the loan will default. If you’re willing to take the risk then this could be a decent passive income stream. 

Below are 2 lending platforms you can consider to get started. 


This is one of the most popular lending platforms this year, offering 8% per annum. Lenders can earn daily interest paid out to their wallet daily. Nexo offers a lot of flexibility and the user experience on the site is great as well.

For more information and details regarding a cryptocurrency lending account visit https://nexo.io/


A little less traditional than most Bitcoin Lending platforms, using Blockfi allows lenders to lend their Bitcoin in exchange for a monthly compound interest rate, making it one of the only of its kind.

For more information and details regarding a cryptocurrency lending account visit https://blockfi.com/lend-bitcoin/

11) What Are Bitcoin Doublers And Crypto HYIPs (High Yield Investment Program)?

If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Bitcoin Doublers and Crypto HYIPs promise users the potential to double their money in as little as 24 hours. Yes, there is the potential to make some money back using these methods but you are more likely to lose. HYIPs have been around for such a long time and are basically Ponzi Schemes, a scam in which new investors money is used to pay old investors.

This can bring some actual return but that’s only until new investors start signing up and then the whole program crumbles away pretty quickly. Bitcoin Doublers are similar – they also promise huge returns in a quick amount of time. Always make sure you do research before signing up with anything online because scammers are only getting wiser.

12) What Is A Crypto ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is almost like exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. It is a fundraising method for new projects. With an ICO, a newly formed set amount of cryptocurrency is sold. This currency is sold in the form of coins/tokens to investors. The investor will then exchange for an amount of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. This method is great if you are looking to invest in a new coin in its infancy.

13) Bonus - Buy And Hodl

No, I have not spelt hold incorrectly! Hodl is the phrase Bitcoiners use for buying Bitcoin and holding onto it. It is rumoured that a drunken trader misspelled the word ‘hold’ and it became a viral joke within the Bitcoin community. Many optimists within the Bitcoin community believe that Bitcoins value will rise way above the $20,000 mark so nearly reached in 2017 and so therefore buy Bitcoin and simply leave it alone. They have the belief that one day Bitcoin will go ‘to the moon’.

14) Bonus - Other Concepts

Have you ever thought about asking family and friends? Do they have any Bitcoin to give you in exchange for unwanted goods or services. Ask them for your birthday, christmas or seasonal gift in Bitcoin. If you really put your mind to it, you can have a wallet set up and funded by the end of the day!


And there you have it. 12 simple ways to earn free Bitcoin. Although some of these methods do require some initial Bitcoin to get started, you can use one of the fully free methods to earn yourself what you need to begin. Bitcoin is only going to continue growing and now is as good a time as any to start earning.

If you are willing to put in a little effort then you can start earning free Bitcoin (btc) today and how much you earn will be up to you. If one method doesn’t work then try another because if you’re serious about earning Bitcoin, there is no reason for you to stall any longer. It can be intimidating at first but luckily for us,  information is becoming more and more easily accessible, for example, this list.

Final Words

If you have any other great sites or links that we can update or replace on this post, then please get in touch with us using the contact us link above. If we have missed something, feel free to embarrass us! lol

If you find any of the information within this page to be invalid or misleading, please contact us immediately so that we can rectify the mistake.

Finally, please contact us if you have been personally scammed by any cryptocurrency related scheme, so that we can inform the crypto community on a wider scale.


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